4 august 2012

Jekyll Island Christmas

It’s slightly cool but sunny for Christmas Day.
After lunch with mom, I decided to reach
Out and touch an old friend from far away.
I put the top down and drove to the beach.
Over the Lanier Bridge I traveled with fear
Then down through the marsh to Jekyll
Past the club where Morgan and Goodyear
Left behind the cold of the North and got pickled.
Past the ranch houses that littered the island
They all seemed kind of bland
To the beach where the Mennonite moms
Played with their children and held them by the hand.
As the sun began to set so it could go to bed
I closed up my top to head to my brother’s
Back to St. Simons so I could be fed
And not forget that today is about being with others.
© 2010 by H.D. Whatley

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