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17 may 2016

Stay Boldly and Kindly, I Say

You try, you must try
That is the only way
To reach so high
And gloriously stay
When you die
All must for you pray
And together sadly cry
Respects, all will pay
If love is in your eye
If mercy, you display
You create a lovely tie
Everyday is your day
If you say never a lie
Driva anger ever away
Say to anger so good-bye
If for it you turn a prey
Can't save you even Sky
To keep away from dismay
You ask the question- Why?
Your doubts, you convey
Never fear or feel shy
Love all without delay
Love to none, you deny
A kind word you ever say
To help all you always try
For month you say 'may'
Doubt none by being a spy
Tell not at any time, 'I may'
Your firm mind, you imply
Go only on the right way
Affection, you kindly supply
For you is devoted this lay
View it not with a sigh.


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