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6 november 2019

"Too Late"

I tried to protect my heart.. to keep it away from you ..
To never let you get too close .. no matter what you do,
I tried to build a wall.. too high for you to climb ..
Something that's so ominous.. you wouldn't waste the time,
I thought I could make no sound.. so you wouldn't know my voice ..
We'd never have to look away.. and say we had no choice,
And I tried to leave no trail.. that you might follow me ..
I thought if I'm invisible.. there'd be nothing you would see,
But you did touch my heart.. and you didn't even try ..
I thought it was well protected .. I didn't know you could fly,
You scaled the walls with precision.. walls that no one could climb..
I thought my heart was hidden.. but it was only a matter of time, 
I didn't have to say a word.. you knew me all along ..
You broke through every defense I had.. when I thought I was strong,
You took my heart a prisoneer.. and didn't even know ..
And left me in a place alone .. I didn't want to go,
I never told you how I felt.. before you went away ..
I never told you that I cared.. but I care every day,
Now you're gone and it's "too late".. to go where we have been ..
But forever I'll cherish my nights with you.. and live them time and again.

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