eunoia, 19 november 2020

20 november 2020, friday ( tired )

I can't sleep,, I've been awake for 21 hours..

I can't sleep,, I need to wake up at 8:30 am..

I can't sleep,, 2½ hrs left..

I can't sleep

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eunoia, 1 december 2018

1 december 2018, saturday ( so over with life )

..recently I've been thinking a lot of things and I can't help but be depressed.. like why I am living??? I can't see any reason why I should still exist.. besides my family I dont think there's anyone who cares to me.. yes I have friends but I can't feel they appreciate me like (... więcej)

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eunoia, 26 november 2018

26 november 2018, monday ( It's Been Too Long )

I can't remember when was the last time I logged in here,, it's been years.. recently I've been thinking things,, so much things,, I want to write it all down,, so it made me remember Truml.. so good thing I still know my password and even my email add,, so I was able to check my previous (... więcej)

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eunoia, 12 march 2012

12 march 2012, monday ( You know Me )


You're omniscient.. 

No doubt You know what I'm going through and what I've been through.. 

You know when I'm in pain.. scared.. in sorrow.. and all the negative feelings that associates with it when I feel downhearted..

You know when I'm happy.. alive.. (... więcej)

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eunoia, 6 february 2012

6 february 2012, monday ( day two.. )

it was'nt that obvious that i enjoyed being here at TRUML.. nah,, just kidding,, in fact i try to upload my few personal pix.. i'm a nature lover so of course mostly are nature-typed.. (for now..) but i'll try to capture a different shot.. (am not a professional.. all's were from (... więcej)

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eunoia, 5 february 2012

5 february 2012, sunday ( TRUML.. )

Well,, this is my first day at TRUML..
Someone introduced it to me.. named Wirgiliusz Poet.. whoever he is,, thanks..
I had the urge to fill this diary for me to remember this very day..
TRUML.. it's nice.. it's something I'm looking for sometime.. here, I can be myself.. meet new other (... więcej)

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