Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 28 june 2020


A city burns.
The child carries the father
on his head.

The museum of skulls.
Nudes had blue veins
and scars on thighs.

The names were inherited.
Gettysburg water
refuses to mend the bones.

Ah, daisies are throwing
up the seeds in despair.
Civilization has come very far.

Progeny of death
were searching the mother
of all sins.

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Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 27 june 2020

In Moonscape

A streak of sin was
always there, when I looked
at you in brief encounters.

I would not kiss the
eyes of a viper.

The giver was insane.
A bane of togetherness.You
were getting pheromones all the time.

Parenting was difficult.
Now as the holy month starts.
You were always near the moon.

In golden sunset,
I will prepare my elegy.
The flames were always green.

With the relapse of grief,
drums sounded loud.

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Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 26 june 2020

The Claudication

Is raining. Since night.
You have no claim on
dry lips. Wry stance. The
city walks slowly. Wasted
faces. You want to kill
the words, the profanities.
Want to unwrap the knife.

I don't need any flowers.
Always making faces. Too
Many boats in the sea of eyes.
Rowing, arowing. I am
Afraid. The fast currents. And
then my shirt becomes stained.
Dirty words.

You reach the bottom. The
terrible depth. Digging up
my body. Even my hands
become shovels. Slowly
I erase my name on the sand.
The sea has divided us.

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Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 25 june 2020

Let's Decide

Less of charity
was needed, when you sleep
till dawn.

The spirit of the tree
comes down to
wake up the sage.

It spills the light
for a troubled window
cracked by hail.

A drenched house
of words
becomes pale, page by page.

I do not know
how to tell the story
of two bats which flew without wings.

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Renato N. Mascardo

Renato N. Mascardo, 24 june 2020

Poems on Virtues 2

in praise of humor

so Job
was put to the
test this just and blameless
man disaster struck not once not
twice but

times he lost
his wealth loved ones friends and
wealth yet he persevered and he

his faith
unbending in
the midst of his sadness
and despair he battled on day

day a
serious man of
virtues of fortitude
gratitude fidelity and

for want
of humor a
risible virtue the
holy man sank into deep

armed with
humor he could
have grasped the absurd
in the morass of affliction
and said

“my body sores are many and really bad
but if yours are worse then you are dead”


wednesday 24 june 2020

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Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 24 june 2020

Aham Asmi, I Am I Am

Night melts into tears
day sums up the pain.
A fear stalks the flute,
and darkness falls on the drapes.
I was a lake
and I was the sun.

I held you on to my breast.
Give me your fangs
and give me your venom.
I was blue and I am the death.

Centuries of wounds
and million of scars.
Silence of sky
and lull in the clouds.
I am the fire
and I am the gale.

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Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 23 june 2020

Ink Fall

you raise your hand:
not to strike back,
but to salute the pain.

Weaving the aurora of stainless performance
of inevitable.

Not going to change my path.

Gazing through years,
the fog, the hurts.

You were flame-born
in strong winds.
Father of woods,
the hunger was very faithful.

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Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 22 june 2020

Unmaking Me

I want to shake them off,
the weird thoughts,
like a swarm of bees,
buzzing, whining, aimed at nothing.
Want to write me off?

observe the hands of a watch,
looks like they are not moving.
Time stands still.
Waits for me to move.

An atavistic ache.Again I view the world.
Everybody is making a sound without bending.
With dreams dead, I step into emptiness,
barefoot, to feel the earth.

Not going to quit,
free to kill my ghost,
I move into sunlight.

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Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 21 june 2020

Brilliant Stroke

Unstable like a mercury
drop, when you hold
a pen, hiding your
icy thoughts.

Like an archer, ready
to abandon the bow, without
shooting at the target.

The bull's eye was a
blue rose, sitting in the dark
niche, afraid of light.

In synesthesia, of
nights assault, you fume
and sizzle, when the dew
drops hit you.

You will not give the name
of slayer, who killed you with a smile.

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Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 20 june 2020


Put a candle under
the rose bush.
I am going to draw blood
from the moon.

See my body has become
a boat and you are the sea.
I am an opus Dei
and you are my deity.

We mist and we rain
on our frailties. The drama
unfolds, when we grieve
for the butterflies.

Who was taller than
our sins? Like pixies
falling from the skies.

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