Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 28 august 2020

Forever In Coma

Zinnias were stalking.
The fading moon hangs upside down
from the massive Ficus tree.

Ultimately the grace withdraws.
Now you sit under the bo-tree
becoming a wet Buddha.

Unthinking, unblinking
falling out of thoughts,
and start supervising the barren landscape.

The dawn sets free, the white
pegions to become prey of ravens.
Would you talk about peace?

The evil touches every next door.
I will write a long letter
to me, to unwrite the sermons.

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Renato N. Mascardo

Renato N. Mascardo, 27 august 2020

quantum physics of feelings

this space between

in life is set
instead of finding that
all we feel is digital we
have to

make do
with sentiments
that are more analog
though we try to grip things around
us in

deemed binary
alas neither zero
nor one do they turn out to be
for when

life deals
us its blows we
end up uncertain like
Schrödinger's cat neither living
nor dead

as we
wait for what the
morrow brings let us dote
on this space between total grief
and joy//

thursday 27 august 2020

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Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 27 august 2020

Without Guilt

Something exciting
was to happen.You
call for an assayer.

Morality has failed,
running after the
false values of untruths.

Pure virginity.
I won't touch you again
for the sake of god.

Crossing the threshold
like walking on burning coals
to test the bonding.

The mankind was
always cannibalistic.
You devour the body without blood.

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Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 26 august 2020

Losing The Vision

I left a piece of moon on my
table and started writing about
the broken mirror. There was a time
when we used to cry together.

Dusting off the old books, uncared
for months. A rare ritual
defines the motion. It was the
temblor giving me a dustbath.

Do you know who was the leader
of the pack? The greed, the authority?
There was a bright door, between
the umbels. Would you taste the hemlock?

Every thing is in disorder. You
remember how cranky I was when
I found you unframed. Today
I will embrace the empty wall.

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Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 24 august 2020

Some Ghosting

Hunting calm, without
a kill, without a

A momentary lapse
and you suffer
for centuries.

The pangs of separation
were rising.No birth.
You become a white mausoleum.

And the ancient
bloodshed will take care
of the pearls in your eyes.

Ask the moon
to lift the veil.Bonfires
of sharp pains have begun.

The halo around
your face quivers.I was
not a god.You were not mortal.

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Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 23 august 2020


Do not sleep, as libido
Moon will visit
the shrine of love today.

It was an end of the-
lone journey. You recover
the path of lost poem.

A river lies buried in
my chest, unawakned.
Would you kiss the stone today?

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Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 22 august 2020


Trying to quantify the vices
in you, I am becoming

Going my own way.
I join the migration
of invisibles.

A plucked tiger lily
roars. Amphibians were ready
to invade the mountain.

The curled fingers
had become question marks.
Blindness had become a bliss.

Inlaid in the redwood
lies my blood. I lived under
the branches, naked, carefree.

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steve, 20 august 2020


There's a passion that burns, between you and I,
Igniting a spark, that could light up the sky,
So hot is the fire, that burns through the night,
It blurs out the difference, of what's wrong or what's right,
All that I wanted, was for love to take hold...
I could feel the fire that burned,
With white-hot emotion, that was out of control...
and flames that wouldn't be turned,
But how is there love, and a passion so strong,
When two minds can't meet and every things wrong,
With no understanding, and nowhere to turn,
Like throwing gas on a fire, stand back let it burn,
When the backfires are lit, there's no turning back...
as another lesson is learned,
But I knew all along, the danger involved...
play with fire, you always get burned,
I did not want to lose us, but it seems I have...
as the flames have burned us down,
And as I walk through the rubble, of what's left of my life...
not a thing is left to be found.

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steve, 20 august 2020

Why Is It

Why is it.. that you make me feel what I haven't felt in years...
And why every time I see you do my eyes just fill with tears,
Why do I have to touch myself every time you walk away...
As the flames inside consume me all I want is you to stay,
I've tried to reach inside you to somehow touch your heart...
But I'm no closer to you now than I was right from the start,
The fortress you have built is strong with walls too high to climb...
But I'd give my life to breach them all and claim your heart as mine,
Why is it.. that you look away when I look into your eyes...
I can feel the pain inside of you that you desperately disguise,
What hell have you been living that keeps you far away...
That won't let anyone get near and keeps your heart at bey,
Like breechless walls of titanium, there's nothing you've left bare...
So "why is it" I can't let go when I know you'll never care...

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Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 20 august 2020

Foetus Was Not Moving

The mood-lifters
you will need, when
night falls and the poems
start howling.

The crisp massacre
of golden dreams, and you
start disposing off the defunct philosophy.

The myths of heaven
and hell, causing the colossal
anxiety.A dog walks past
a dead body, near the burned temple.

This is the world apart, where
you opened the book for
an eye hole.Then you suck the images.

The pebble in the pond
starts moving.No water was left
to wash the dirty idols.

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