Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 7 november 2019

A Keyhole Surgery

Sometimes, I want to write
a folk poem, without name.
Anonymously, you want to
postpone the commitment
to accept the murder
of yourself,
the griever.
The towering belief―
that there were skeletons
on the grains, as the words
become verses.
A snowy virgin
will take a knife, to bring
down the stars
when you sing centuries
of love.

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katmata, 6 november 2019

Ta noc nie ma końca

Zmyślony obraz jutra, bez znaczenia słowa,
umieram. Rachunek to studnia bez dna.
Tylko echo prawdziwe. Choć.
Też kona.
Wymarzone usta, wciąż nieobecne oczy,
noce za dnia. 
Piszesz milcząc, ciszą zabijasz.
Najazd kamery i znów pustka. Zmęczona ważka i ja.
Pary powiązań, urwane wieko trumny.
Zapętlony wrzask.

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steve, 6 november 2019

"Too Late"

I tried to protect my heart.. to keep it away from you..
To never let you get too close.. no matter what you do,
I tried to build a wall.. too high for you to climb..
Something that's so ominus.. you wouldn't waste the time,
I thought I'd make no sound.. so you wouldn't know my voice..
We'd never have to look away.. and say we had no choice,
And I tried to leave no trail.. that you might follow me..
I thought if I'm invisable.. there'd be nothing there to see,
But you did touch my heart.. and you didn't even try..
I thought it was safely put away.. I didn't know you could fly,
You scaled the walls with precision.. walls that no one could climb..
I thought my heart was well hidden.. but was only a matter of time, 
I didn't have to say a word.. you knew me all along..
You broke through every defense I had.. when I thought that I was strong,
You took my heart a prisoneer.. and didn't even know..
And left me in a place.. I couldn't dream to go,
I never told you how I felt.. before you went away..
I never told you that I cared.. and I care everyday,
Now you're gone and it's too late.. to cross that great divide..
Regrets and tears are all I have.. for never having tried.

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Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 6 november 2019

Elusive Answers

The starlings will
not fly today.
There was a hole
in the sky.
The god particles will fall.
Drawing out
the blood of fallen―
angles, on the street.
Can you count
the sins of man?
We still celebrate the hate.

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Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 5 november 2019


A butterfly
in a bell jar.
All I know, we understand
each other.
There was no sun
at midnight.
Only a blue black
dilemma of―
the sky, to burn
like human combustion.
I am ready to start
a journey with sunbeams.

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Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 4 november 2019

Unbroken View

Segment by segment
the secret breaks. There was
no song afterwards.
A robin hops on the dirt road.
Time was scare.
Living water was escaping.
Visibility has not changed.
I walk in great agony
without you.
The fabric was loosing
the color. The book will
never be complete.
I enter the colosseum, for
digging up the voices―
buried in the throats.
The daffodils wait in
backyard for the ceremony.
Light has come in the eyes.

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Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 3 november 2019

An Uncanny Feeling

I would let it go
anything now. Will not accept
any grace.
I am moving unfazed―
buttons apart. Let the night
A hired applause was not needed.
As the gorgeous earth plays its last tune.
I will wait in the lobby, to fail again.
There was no repeat
of the deciduous teeth,
coming back to chew your fingers.
The small steps you won't
take to bridge the unknown.
Scoping the language, watching
itself dying.

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steve, 2 november 2019

"Just Some Friend"

It's hard to even come around .. and pretend I'm "just some friend"...
When I look into those deep blue eye's.. I'm drifting on the wind,
Your beauty leaves me breathless.. when you come into view...
I lose all sense of any thoughts.. as all thoughts turn to you...
I try to be like other friends.. but your other friends aren't gay...
And awkward moments when I'm with you.. reveal what I can't say,
I can barely breathe at all.. when I get too close to you...
So forgive me if I can't stay long.. for I can't hide the truth,
The tears rain down inside of me..and the river's overflow...
It's not a truth I want to share.. but I've no place else to go,
I feel I'm hanging by a thread.. and no one has a clue...
But I don't have the right to ask.. for what I need from you,
To lay down close beside you.. to hold your hand in mine...
Together on a stary night.. you let me cross the line,
You give me what I dream about.. you share that part of you...
You take me where I've never been.. that's what a friend would do,
I know that what I ask of you.. is more than most would give...
But I'll cherish the memory all my life.. as long as we both live.

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Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 2 november 2019

Not Water Proof

Stoned to death.
The rooted plants had begun
to climb the mountain.
Very hot here.
Difficult to breath in.
Why lesser flamingos were landing
on dry lake?
They enter via back door.
The multi-tuberculates.
Why the man was
running away from the orchids?
Strange, our lineage was
getting interrupted, by
smoke screens.

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Satish Verma

Satish Verma, 1 november 2019

Classical Entry

It takes billions of years
for ancient light to reach us and
rescue the trapped darkness.
You can hunt among rocks
in the palisades, behind
the ramparts.
There was an apocalypse.
Stem cells were ready
to repair the myelin―
searching ancestry.
It was a tense stand-off
between the headstone and a living dead.
Cannot repay the debt of blue
Sky, sending us
the warnings of catastrophy.

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